Permanent public art

The City of Mississauga commissions and maintains a growing collection of permanent public art. View the public art map to see the locations of artwork in public spaces throughout Mississauga, or view the permanent collection online.

Permanent public art often includes sculptures, monuments, and integrated artworks. These are commissioned by the City through a formal selection process. Works in the permanent collection are maintained by art conservationists.

The permanent public art collection seeks vibrant and thought-provoking artwork that draws on Mississauga’s natural and living heritage, culture and environment. The City encourages public art as an integral component of public works, facilities and spaces.

Featured artwork

3 Arches

Metal sculpture with three overlapping arches

Polymetis, Galvanized Steel, 2022
Fairwinds Park, 181 Eglinton Ave West

The 3 Arches pavilion was created as a place to think about the world around us. A space to contemplate the landscape, specifically, the diverse flora and fauna of the Cooksville Creek wetland. The pavilion is integrated into the wetland’s larger natural and cultural systems and its environs.


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