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Traffic calming projects

The City is working to keep people safe by using traffic calming measures to slow traffic where needed.

Reducing speed and aggressive driving

The City has installed traffic calming devices on many roads in Mississauga to help reduce speeding and aggressive driving, and improve road safety.

We use design features like speed humps and raised pedestrian crossings to slow down vehicles.

Creating a traffic calming plan

The Traffic Calming Policy helps the City to decide which roads could be improved by traffic calming.

When creating a plan, the City considers:

  • Overall characteristics of the road
  • Types of devices that could be used
  • Layout and spacing of devices
  • Location of intersections, drainage and utilities
  • Impact to the neighbourhood and services

Service impacts

The City designs traffic calming plans to accommodate services like ambulances, buses, garbage trucks and snow ploughs with limited impact on their operation.

Each plan involves communicating with emergency services (fire, police and paramedics) and MiWay. To date, the City has not received any negative feedback on the impact of traffic calming measures.

Other road-safety solutions

The City has made a commitment to Vision Zero, which aims for zero deaths or serious injuries from vehicle collisions on our streets.

We may use seasonal or temporary safety solutions in some neighbourhoods, such as Slow Streets, while permanent ones are being considered. Once permanent solutions are installed, temporary ones are usually no longer needed.

Automated Speed Enforcement cameras are also located on many Mississauga roads.

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