Tax documents and fees

Find out how much tax documents cost and how to order your tax receipt, simplified tax year receipt and tax certificate online.

Tax receipts and certificates ordered before 4:30 p.m. will be available as digital downloads in your account, on the next business day after 9 a.m.

If you’ve any questions about tax documents, send us an email at If you need immediate help, call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits).

Purchase a tax receipt

You can purchase a tax receipt for your property online. A tax receipt costs $25 and confirms payments received on an account. To purchase a tax receipt online, you’ll need a tax pin.

Simplified tax year receipts are also available online for free. A simplified tax year receipt can be used to confirm payments made towards the current or one prior year’s taxes.

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Purchase a tax certificate

You can see the current tax status of a specified property by ordering a tax certificate online. Tax certificates cost $55 and refunds are not available.

Tax certificates are usually purchased by law firms, banks and mortgage companies during property sales and for refinancing purposes.

If you want to cancel any tax certificate order placed during the same day, please email before 4:30 p.m.

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Fees for tax documents

The fees in the following table are taken from the General Fees and Charges By-law.

Fees schedule Fee
Tax receipt $25 per year
Local improvement details $25 per tax account
Returned payment fee $40 per payment
Photocopy of processed cheque $10 per cheque
Tax certificate: online $55 per certificate
Tax certificate: mail or expedited $80 per certificate
Tax levy and payments information (prior years) $50 per year
Duplicate tax bill $25 per bill
Tax statement $25 per statement
Tax adjustment application, except 357(1)(d.1) $30 per application, per year
Mortgage company administration fee $11 per account/interim and final bill
Ownership change fee $35 per change
Cheque retrieval fee* $20 per cheque
Addition to tax roll $50 per item
Reminder notice $7 per notice
New account administration fee $60
Search (title or corporate) $125 per search
Tax sale registration $1,100
Tax sale final notice $1,900
Tax sale of property $7,800 plus incurred advertising costs
Tax sale extension agreement $1,100
Notice of interested parties fee $30 per notice
Bailiff assignment fee $50 per year assigned
Payment redistribution fee $40 per request
Defaulted POA fines – administration fee $30 per fine
Final notice fee $20 per notice
Notice of impending registration $50 per notice
Online simplified tax receipt $0
Refund request fee $30 per request

*Any request to retrieve, return, replace or move a post-dated cheque must be made a minimum of 3 business days prior to the cheque date.

Previously purchased documents

All of your purchased tax receipts and certificates can be found in your account under digital downloads.

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